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From The Desk Of: Sara Young
Date: Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dear Friend,

My name is Sara Young, and I'm a stay-at-home mom of 7 wonderful children.

Today I make a full-time living (and then some) online. In fact I earn a lot more than my friends do at their full-time jobs.

But it wasn't always that way.

I was once a struggling newbie desperately trying to find a way to make money online so that I could stay home with my kids.

I needed a system that would allow me to make a full-time income while working barely part-time. In between folding laundry, cooking dinner, and helping with homework.

If YOU too have been looking for a system like that... a system which you can:

  • follow at home part-time
  • do whenever you have a spare half hour, and
  • make serious money just like I do...
then this is one of the most important letters you've ever read.

And here's why:

When I started out, I tried so many things... and failed so many times.

But then, after a lot of frustration and heartache, I stumbled upon a formula that consistently generates a passive income for me and my family!

My formula has proven to be something I can really count on to bring in income. And even better, I am teaching it to others so they can do the same. Even if they have no experience, no money, and no website.

Before we continue, take a look at the kind of income I've earned. It's important you know that I don't just talk the talk - I also walk the walk.

Here's just one of my $100 days:

That is $97.88 in commissions earned in just one day from free traffic methods.

And here's another one:

And that is from just one of my accounts!

And here's my first $1,000+ day:

That's right, $1,394.31 in ONE DAY...

And my method still works to this day - May 2015.

But not just for me. It works for my students too!

Here's what my students have said after trying out my system:

"$300 in 2 Days"

"I made $300 in 2 days from one page which isn't yet ranking on Google. I have never, ever doubted your sincerity and this has proved me right."

(one of Marthese's accounts)

Kind Regards,

Marthese Cassar
May 17 2013

"4 Sales in the First 2 Weeks"

"I'm delighted to say that after just a couple of weeks I've made 3 sales! And then a couple of days later I was just really really amazed to see that I've made another sale!

So I feel really inspired to carry on. Thanks Sara for creating such a wonderful program and with such easy to follow instructions. So Woo hoo! Way to go! Thanks Sara!"

February 2013

"First Sales in Less Than a Week!"

"I put up my first webpage promoting a $99 product.
After that I got busy offline and I didn't do anything with it.
But in spite of it I woke up today to see that I had 2 sales from yesterday!"

February 2013

(click the play button to listen to Judith)

"$13,700.51 in Sales in One Month"

(Kimji from the Philippines)

Chava's First 3 Figure Month

"Just over 2 months of being on the program I have made my first $100 online. Her program works and her support is amazing."

Chava June 2013

These days, it seems like every "guru" is trying to sell you an "overnight income generator" or "hot" traffic technique or some new trick to outsmart Google. They say you will instantaneously transform into an online marketing millionaire.

But the one thing all these "magic" solutions have in common is that they cost a lot of money.

That... and the fact that most of them are... Pure Garbage!

Well, I'm not a guru, and I'm not going to play those games.

I've learned there's only one way to earn the trust of honest people like you.

That's it. I am honest. And tell it like it is.

That's why I'm going to share with you the
exact same techniques that I use to succeed online
with nothing left out of the formula.

"Sara Young is one of the marketers I trust, because I know she uses the methods she teaches herself. She speaks from experience, not just from theory.

-- Britt Malka

No one else is teaching this stuff. And that's a shame, because it's the ONLY complete system out there that allows you to use FREE resources to start getting traffic and sales faster.

Believe me, I've been there. I've bought the products and believed the promises, only to discover that the so-called "foolproof formula" was missing a crucial element.

I've tried every system and marketing technique in the book. From website design and email marketing to PPC and CPA offers, I've tried it all.

Wait a minute. Why am I telling this to you?

You've probably done pretty much the same thing. We all have.

It really burns me up. People pay their hard-earned money and join a program, and they don't know that a critical step has been left out.

Well, enough is enough! Time to say "no" to trying to keep up with the latest bag of tricks in internet marketing, only to discover that you don't have all the information, or that you've just shelled out $1000 for a system that doesn't work.

It's time, finally, for you to have a simple system for making money online that actually works for everyone (not just the person selling the program.)

Since I have 7 kids, the most important thing to me is being at home with my family.

I hated the thought of shelling out money for daycare so that I could spend my days in an office at a job I didn't even like.

But we also needed to pay the bills. I knew the solution lay in making money online. I knew it had to be possible because I saw other people doing it.

And then my husband finally said, "I think you should look for a job."

I guess you could say that I had no choice but to succeed. I was getting desperate.

And then one day, everything changed.

I had stumbled upon a technique that was so simple that I couldn't believe I didn't think of it before!

And what's even funnier is that NO ONE was teaching it! (I guess it was too simple for the "gurus.")

As you read this letter, you'll get a sense of just how simple it is. And how YOU can replicate what I've done and earn passive income for yourself, every single month.

So many people get obsessed with the latest internet marketing trend that they spend all their time trying to keep up. And guess how much money they make while they're busy implementing the latest "system"? That's right -- ZERO.

But the amazing thing about my simple formula is that:

Here's what most people don't realize:

The big secret to making money online is that most of what you need to do has already been done for you!

All you have to do is know where to look.

Once you understand the simple genius of using what's already working, saving you time, energy, and hard work, ... AND you're ready to make a steady income by working from home, using free, foolproof strategies... read on.

Here's what I discovered...

In a moment, I'll reveal my super-simple (and totally unique) technique to you. But before we get to that, let me expose...

These myths are hazardous! Why? Because they cause some people to give up. Some "newbies" might be tempted to throw in the towel and say "forget it, I can't make this internet marketing thing work. I'll just go out and get a real job." Ouch.

And you'll be glad to know that this one basic principle is my motto:

Most internet marketing courses overwhelm you with lots of information. You have hours and hours of videos and hundreds of pages of books to make you feel like you're getting value for the insane amount of money you just spent.

Have you ever gone through one of these programs and realized that you don't have a clue what you should be doing next?

That's because they're often full of recycled, useless information that adds up to a big waste of your time... Or they leave out important steps in the process, leaving you lost and confused.

Often, you can buy a course, follow it to the letter, and still not make money - all because there are little things are missing.

I understand how frustrating that is. It's happened to me more times than I can count.

That's why I don't take anything for granted.

I assume that you have no prior experience. I designed my program to start from scratch and go step-by-step.

That means that even people whose computer skills are limited to point-and-click are using my system to make money.

"Very Easy to Follow"

"Sara, For someone who could barely write an email... I found the course very easy to follow... If I am 63 years old anyone can do this course."

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

There's no fluff, no missing instructions, and you'll always know exactly what steps you should be taking next.

Experience shows that the best methods are often the simplest.

That's why my system saves you time, money, and hard work. And it's perfect for newbies or anyone else who wants a simple way to start earning an online income.

I've tried all the complicated (and expensive) ways of making money online.

They promise huge payoffs, but the problem is that by the time you learn all the bells and whistles, build a site and invest time and money into making it work... the internet marketing world has moved on to something else.

But then it hit me. Why should I be the one doing all the work of building traffic, ranking on Google, and maintaining a website...

When there's an easier (and totally legit) way to start earning profits much faster... and the work has already been done for you?!

So I developed a method that no one else is using that guarantees that you will not miss the boat.

Everybody knows that if you can attract lots of customers and put an irresistible offer in front of them, they will buy - and you will make money.

Sounds simple, right? That's because it is!

But most people don't realize just how simple it can be. They don't realize that most of the work has already been done for them. They think that anything that's "too easy" must have a catch.

But this is the "real deal" - and I'm going to tell you why.

My formula is based on a few simple facts.

First, some products will always sell well because that's what people want. People are always going to be searching online for the latest fashion in shoes, a new laptop computer, or a fancy stroller for their kids.

Just think about all the things you and your friends search for online all the time... and multiply that by millions of people.

Second, successful online stores do the selling for you - all you have to do to profit is be the one that sent them there.

Third, no matter what happens and what crazy things Google does there will always be sites that get tons of traffic.

My system takes advantage of these facts, and makes affiliate marketing MUCH easier.

And that brings me to...

There are millions of people out there eager and ready to buy. And you can easily grab a huge piece of that pie... simply by using sites that already have an insane amount of traffic to "siphon off" traffic to your page.

Here are the traffic stats for one site that I use:

Here's the bottom line:

All you have to do is take the sites that are already getting traffic, and put them together with the sites that are already selling.

And you've got a ready-made business - already done for you.

I've perfected this system, and now I want to teach it to you!

So as long as people continue to buy products online (and are they really going to stop anytime soon?) we have a surefire way to make money.

Think about it. Just a trickle of the gushing waterfall of money from Amazon, ClickBank, and other sites, means a steady online income.

And if you're still skeptical, just take a look at some these results, from people successfully using my program to make $1000 a month:

Can you imagine having this kind of success? Without having to spend any extra money?

I bet you're starting to see what makes my program so different from all the others.

Each lesson is presented in a high-quality video format. Lessons are broken down into short 10-minute videos, which makes it easy to watch one at a time and complete the steps in real time if you wish.

There is also an ebook for people who prefer the information in that format.

I'll show you exactly how to start earning paychecks by using ONLY totally free resources with these 6 modules.

But don't take my word for it. Here's what people have been saying about my training:

"I Got Results Within DAYS"

I put Easy Paycheck Formula into action personally so I could see how 'spot on' Sara is.

Rather than create a new page I decided to try the formula on one of my favourite existing pages and I have tracked my results.

Check this out:

I am now ranking super high for the buyer keywords related to my product on the front page of Google.

I am getting links to my webpage from real people. This is Link Juice on steroids and it's only ONE component of Easy Paycheck Formula.

Not only that but I am getting real likes daily which I know that Google is going to love even further.

These are crazy results in just days.

Thanks Sara!

-- Colleen Slater
March 14, 2013

"One of the Best Courses"

"Hands down, one of the best courses I've ever seen. Easy to follow, all free tools & resources, instant traffic tactics, and great support... Sara is always there to answer any question and she has the patience of a saint."

Danielle Schaeffer
Tampa Bay, Florida

"This Stuff Works..."

"First Sale After 4 Days!"

"5 and 8 Sales In A Single Day"

"I've Made My First Sale!"

"Now I Make Money Every Month"

"Until your Easy Paycheck Formula course came along I never made any money from affiliate marketing. Until now. I have not had a month since April of 2012 where I didn't have a needed direct deposit made into my account from Amazon. Thank you Sara for giving so much information for such a small price. You and this course are very unique and very much appreciated."

George Whittaker
Pottstown PA

"If you can't make money with this information you should probably give up right now"

"Sincerely, You Are Unique"

"If You Take Action You Will Make Money"

"Really Well Done!"

There are plenty of courses out there that promise fast, easy results. Most of them cost an arm and a leg, and they tell you that you're going to make your money back in the first week. Well guess what? The chances of that happening are slim to none.

So what makes Easy Paycheck Formula different? Well, first of all, it costs you nothing to implement the strategies in the course. From setting up a webpage to getting traffic, everything is totally free to use.

That makes it very likely that (unlike other "internet marketing" programs) you WILL return your small investment in the course very quickly.

"Thanks a lot: I have made my first sale and have already earned more than I paid for the course!

This was a test to see if your approach works....and I certainly say that it does.

Thanks again Sara,"

- Erik Astrand

Easy Paycheck Formula 2 is accessible through a password-protected website. You can access the lessons anytime you want, and pause, rewind, and replay as many times as you need to. It's designed so that you can easily find the information you're looking for.

And, not only is the course itself totally affordable... once you have it in your hands, you don't have to pay a penny to start following Easy Paycheck Formula 2.

How much would it be worth it to you to have an ethical way to make money online?

This amazing package would be a bargain at $197 . That would be a bargain.

But I won't charge you $197.


Because I want to make absolutely sure my system is accessible to everyone.

So right now, I am offering you an introductory price of:

This is a great deal because you can make your money back with just one affiliate sale.

And Easy Paycheck Formula 2 will also save you weeks of hard work and stress. Because other systems can take months of learning and hard work to see results. With Easy Paycheck Formula 2 you can start earning money much faster!

Sara, I'm Ready to Turn On the Money

And, as always, your small investment is covered by my...

Can I promise that you'll instantly start making six figures? Of course not. That would be crazy and unrealistic.

I can tell you that the people already using my course have started seeing results very quickly, often within days.

I can tell you that if you continue to follow my program, you CAN earn an income online.

And I can guarantee that if you do nothing... that's exactly what you'll get.

Your income will not magically increase. But it will increase if you take action.

Order Easy Paycheck Formula 2 today. Take action. Put this simple and effective technique into use and you'll start to see results.

Take advantage of all 6 lessons in the formula and there's no way you can fail.

It's time to get started. Order today and start watching those commissions come in.

Imagine that with just a few steps you can have an entire money-generating system in place, without having to spend any more money or waste hours in front of the computer?

Wouldn't you jump at an opportunity like that?

Yes, Sara, I'm Ready to Get Started RIGHT NOW!

This stuff is 100% take action and succeed. No fluff here. I guarantee it.


Sara Young

P.S. I'm catching a lot of flack for pricing these videos so low. But it's important to me that everyone who's serious about making money online can afford this course. But I'm not sure how long I can keep the price this low. If you agree that it's time for you to start using a proven method to FINALLY start seeing success online, then I'm going to ask you to join before the price goes up. Does that seem fair enough?

Sara, Show Me How To Make Real Money Online!

P.P.S. If you're still reading this, you have a choice to make. Do you want to keep searching for the next expensive "magic bullet" to solve your online marketing problems? Or would you rather start right now using a simple proven system that really works? The choice is yours...

Hey Sara, Let Me In Now!

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